Generation Make-Up

I have recently observed the past few weeks especially in church, how makeup has painted the canvases of our little girls even as young as five years of age.   In 2011 the L.A. Times wrote that cosmetic sales in the United States alone were 2.8 billion due to the increase of young buyers. Make-up has been applied for thousands of years according to archaeological evidence in which was started by the Egyptians.

Makeup is used as an adornment not a permanent solution to beautifying.  When I was growing up many years ago, modesty was in and just a little dab will do you. My generation was not’t even able to wear lip gloss until they were in high school.  We have to bring awareness back to what beautiful is.

Countless parents consider that makeup is acceptable for their adolescent girls just because it is the latest craze and not really realizing that it is being used to cover up insecurities that they are not beautiful enough due to peer pressure, magazines and television. Fictitious fallacies about beauty is in and real beauty is now known as history.  Being a mother myself,  I will continue to educate my children and others that make up does not’t make you beautiful, but your true beauty comes from within.

Girls, you are beautiful, just the way you are! 


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